Monday, April 10, 2006

My New Place...

Hi everyone... I'm back.. :) after two weeks of absence... Anyway, i have shifted my blog site to this new address My new place So, please update your link n See you there! With luv.. Catherine

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A smile...

Sometimes it doesnt take much effort to put a smile on my face; a daily dose from Parka's blog always does the trick. I m much feeling much better now. Thanks for the concerns, my blogger frens :)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Last words... to Dearest Grandma

It is always difficult to let your loved one goes, coz you know that the void in your heart can

never be filled; but for she may be gone, i always remember her in my heart.

Good bye Grandma,
I will miss you, always.
From your dearest grand-daughter

Monday, March 13, 2006

Emptiness & Sad...

For the past few weeks, there are moments when I woke up in the middle of the nite feeling empty and the feeling just get worsen each time it comes. There are things which require my immediate attention, but I procrastinating. There are times when I wanted to blog, but no words come out right. I m tired of waiting for luv to come; it will not come; and i dun wish it to happen too. Is it my life too mundane, or is the malevolent persistent flu making me exhausted, languid and lonely? I really hate this feeling. *** I just received the news of my beloved grandma has passed away this morning. I'm loss for words...

Friday, March 10, 2006

My Favourite F-stuff...

Enough of my usual luv & career grumblings postings, Let's me talk something different today; My favourite F-stuff Food If you 'live to eat' and are tired of the usual eateries you patronise, or gaming of new taste, Makan time in Singapore will be the only source of information that you ever need. It tells you where is the best Chicken rice and Cha kway teow, and even introduce you to strange cuisine such as the Durian Drink & Fried Prata. It even hosts a Hall of Fame & Hall of Shame(where it lists those places with poor service, over-charged or unhygiene preparation of food. The best thing about makan place is that their listing is updated regularly, so you would not need to worry where to locate your favourite Nasi Lemak stall if it has shifted. Films Great news for the local Films Buffs! The annual 19th Singapore International Film Festival is here again from 13th - 29th April. There are some good movies worth to catch, like the Opening Film of 'Kiss Me Not On The Eyes'. The festival will showcase over 300 films from 40 countries. The best of world cinema will be covered together with a special focus on Music in film. From Morrissey, the Flaming Lips, the Beatles mystery to world music and the Iranian rock underground. And as with previous years, the event will culminate in the Silver Screen Awards Ceremony which gives prizes to the Best Asian Feature Film and Best Singapore Short Film. Tickets will go on sale from 20th March onwards, so stay updated through their website.

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending a double bill screening of one of my favourite Director, Yasmin Ahmad and her movies, Sepet & Gubra. For those whom likes a good old-fashioned romance story, Sepet is a must-watched movie for you. A story of where a chinese boy and a malay gal fall in luv and how their luv is challenged by their diverse culture, their foolishness and misunderstandings. Gubra is the continutation of Sepet's story. You can read the reviews here. Sepet. Gubra. They are now showing in the cinemas now. Fun One of my usual chill-out places is at Wala Wala, Holland village where they serve great food, good ambience, beautiful crowd & wonderful music from their live bands. But a warning, better go early to 'chop' a place if you going on a Saturday nite, the place starts to pack before 9pm.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Morning of Greyness...

I didnt slept well for the past few days... work stress, family stress, money stress... and i think i got the flu virus from one of my tution student.. my body feels warm all over and my nose is like a spoiled tap, dripping non-stop since sunday. It's time to make an appointment with my doctor; a few days rest will do me good... i hope... btw, my thirteen year old student asked me this question out of sudden,

"Why are you still single?"
I am still searching for the answer.

Comic strip taken from Parka

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stop that irritation...!

My boss has this habit giving instructions in stages, which I found it, very irritating and frustrating. Today she is away from the office, and because I am attending a meeting on her behalf, she keeps smsing me. Three hours before the meeting starts "Have you done up the PowerPoint which I asked you to do yesterday?" “Yah!" “Good, Thanks” An hour later “email to me. I want to see” Power point sent Half an hour later “change XXX to yyy in slide no x” Another half an hour later “change back yyy to XXX; that data looks better” Another 15 mins later “can you check XXX data again? The figures *looks funny” *implied she wants me to change the figures. So I spent the next 20 mintues on checking and replied her that the variance is less than 5% “Ok, then dun need to change” “U sure?” “Ya” 5 minutes before the meeting “Please change that number before you go for the meeting! Thanks” . . . Hey Boss,...can you make up your mind for once!

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